The Poly Maine Coon has been a natural part of the race for many years. With the native population of Maine Coons, polydactly (several toes) is quite common, as actually around 40% of the original Maine Coon cats were poly.

This mutation is called polydactyl, and it is a harmless mutation.


As a result, when approval of the cat as a thoroughbred was applied for in the US, two standards were submitted, one for polydactly cats and one for cats with the normal number of toes.

However, the applicants were advised that it would be hard enough just to obtain approval of the ordinary cats, and to withdraw the application for the poly cats.

They did, but several of the “old” breeders continue to breed poly… cats in the hope that they will be approved within the foreseeable future and thus can be exhibited as a group of their own. It should be emphasised that these cats of course are not involved in the breeding of the ordinary 5/4 toe cats.