Our Cattery is named and our residence is on the south of Funen on the Island named Taasinge.

We bought our first Maine Coon in 1999 and since that time we have loved these big beautiful cats.

My name is Susanne, I am a decorator and teacher at the Academy of Svendborg. I live with my boyfriend Michael
and our daughter Laerke, who is 10 years old.

The cats lives in the house with us and outside they have the whole garden as a run. The garden is surrounded with a high fence so they cannot run away. And they really like to decide where they want to be. Either indoor or outdoor.

The Poly Maine Coon has been a natural part of the race for many years. With the native population of Maine Coons, polydactly (several toes) is quite common, as actually around 40% of the original Maine Coon cats were Poly.  We like them very much. They are special in temper and very charming with the big foot and all the toes.

We do our very best to be breeder of a typical Maine Coon with a good health and temper.

Now and then we have kittens for sale. We have kittens for breeding and for pets.

Our daughter Laerke and Rose

The cats are our hobby and sometimes we show them. We think it is funny to show our cats, but it is most important for us that the cats like to be showed. If not they stay at home.

We work fulltime both of us and also have a company at home, so it is not so often we go to a show with our cats.