Guns N'Roses of Magic Craft
geboren am 12/2-2006
MCO ns 23 - blacksilver mackereltabby

Botté Bob Marley

MCO ns

Witchbreeds Cyanid
MCO as 09

Spitzäcker Francoonstone

MCO n 22

CH Cloistercoon Brandy of Spitzäcker

Mainz Coon Cleo of Spitzäcker

Witchbreeds Purranoia

MCO fs 09

GIC Kitty-Up Geronimo

Witchbreeds Spider Woman

Katha's Village Colleen

MCO f 22

CH-GIC Chat Botté Qu. Reza

MCO ns 23

Tailchaser Count Basie

Silent Magic Mocca Girl

Chat Botté Honey-Marie

MCO ds 09 22

Mountain Meadow O'Brian

Melusine v. Triangulum

Frisian Fondlers Laila

MCO ns 22

Bushwhacker Twister

MCO n 23

IC Orage de la Vallée de Rosey

MCO a 23

EC Maine-Mark Denver

GIC Judith de la Vallée de Rosey

Deci Della Touch of Fantasy

MCO f 22

Degoonacoon Gentle Giant

EC Nina Ricci Child of Maine

Motley Crew Zooëy

MCO fs 22

GIC Billy Boy v.d. Sharonycats

MCO ds 22

GIC Cosy Coon Xico

Deci Della Touch of Fantasy

Cosy Coon Yanaika

MCO ns 22

Excalibur of Fountain Farm's Heartbreak

Gina v. Fundalik